Valeria Mallett Nutrition is now YouCose Health! Our name has changed to better serve our patients and reflect our practice but everything else is still the same. We look forward to serving you!

Your Weight, Blood Sugars, or Conditions do not define you!  You deserve to be a better version of yourself. We’re here to help you on your journey.


Passion to help you be and feel the best you.

VALERIA RECHRegistered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.
I’m Valeria Rech, Registered & Licensed Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.  I love food (and some wine), science, innovation, and humans. My favorite food? All. I don’t discriminate. Well, I am not crazy about cilantro. Do you like cilantro?
Here at YouCose Health, you will enter a judgment-free zone. I accept you the way you are and I’m ready to help you make changes on your own terms. Life can be busy, complicated, and stressful at times. And our nutrition might suffer in the midst of competing demands.
Just like life, nutrition is not always black and white. Most people need help from a qualified professional to decipher how to best fuel their tank. I have devoted my career to learning the science of nutrition and the psychology of eating, which create the foundation for a sustainable lifestyle. I believe that YOU have the right to change your health FOREVER.  I am here to support you through this journey.

My Philosophy and Approach:
I believe in evidence-based science, sound reasoning, and creative ideas. My individualized care starts with curiosity about your history, goals, and learned body messages. Rather than approaching your lifestyle from a place of judgment, let’s celebrate your strengths and overcome challenges. Are your blood sugars too high? Let’s discuss what we can do about it! Fighting weight gain despite your efforts to exercise and eat healthily? I look forward to working with you to break down those barriers and reach your goals! Most importantly, I want to empower you, through education and support, to develop life-long skills to care for your body. 
I am excited to work with you - Let's do this!

Valeria Rech, RD, LD, CDCES

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